Monday, February 6, 2012

Resources: Top Ten Lists For Canadian Christian Leaders - Part II

Last week I posted a blog showing the results of a survey of Canadian Christian leaders. This is a follow-up to that. The Leadership Centre Willow Creek Canada was intending to discover what resources Canadian leaders were using to develop their leadership skills and resource their ministries. The previous post looked at favorite books, authors and podcasts. Today's post gives the results for the most popular blogs.

Interestingly, other questions regarding social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn didn't receive enough feedback to produce a result. The measurable scale of impact has not been there for those services as of yet. I'm going to add my own top ten for Twitter just because I've found some helpful ones. (The survey only found three that rated a mention). But before we get to that, here's the first question.

Which 3 BLOGS, Christian or secular, are currently having the most impact or relevance to your ministry?
  1. Seth Godin
  2. Rick Warren
  3. Steven Furtick
  4. Andy Stanley
  5. Catalyst
  6. Ed Stetzer
  7. Mark Driscoll
  8. Rachel Held Evans
  9. Relevant Magazine
  10. Scot McKnight
The next question only had three results. I'll list those first and then fill out the list with my own suggestions. If you have suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment.

If applicable, what 3 TWITTER accounts do you find most relevant to your ministry?
  1. @RickWarren
  2. @CSLewisDaily
  3. @PastorMark (Mark Driscoll)
  4. @erwinmcmanus
  5. @DailyKeller (Tim Keller)
  6. @MichaelHyatt
  7. @ChristianPost
  8. @garyhaugen
  9. @RaviZacharias
  10. @craiggroeschel
  11. @tdbok (Tony denBok) - Hey, it is my blog!
Let me encourage you to plug into these online resources, but to keep a balance. That can be difficult to do as we can find ourselves overwhelmed by content. It may help to set time limits daily in order to keep from getting out of synch. I hope that you find these resources helpful.

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